This is a FREE course.  Links to each day's lesson will be sent via email.  You can start immediately.

Who is this for?

Have you ever had a kid sit down and sigh or say quietly under their breath (or not so quietly), " I hate science"?

I know that I have.  ​

This course is ideal for educators in any setting including public school, private school. or homeschool.  It doesn't stop there.  

This free course is also suitable for after school program directors, camps, or daycares.  

This is about creating an environment that nurtures budding scientists in any setting, without exhausting you. We want to protect your sanity and your wallet while still making quality science happen.

The goal is to flip the script on science education and create a culture full of curiosity and persistence.​1

What to expect...

Over the course of this FREE 7 day course we will be talking about how to create lessons that students will look forward to.

Each day you will get a link to videos, pdfs, and more to help you create a better science experience for your kids.

You will get a link to sign up for the videos.  It is totally free!